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10 Best Eco-Friendly Details at the 1 Hotel Central Park

New York property is the second for the newly launched, eco-conscious luxury hotel brand

By Liana Lozada
Travel Expert JANUARY 12, 2016


The 1 Hotel Central Park opened its twig-adorned doors in early August 2015, becoming the second property to file under the newly launched, eco-conscious luxury hotel brand, 1 Hotels.

Unlike its ethereal big brother, the 1 Hotel South Beach (which began operations earlier that summer), the 1 Hotel Central Park emotes a warmer, boutique-like feel.

The brand’s New York outpost is a welcomed retreat from the asphalt circuits buzzing outside; the thoughtful design features locally sourced and supplied accents that articulate “please unwind.”

The property is richly layered with raw, rustic materials and hanging plants that are juxtaposed by industrial outfittings like steel beams, reclaimed brick and exposed bulbs. A tan lobby sofa and shagged chair covers evoke a bit of 70s chicness while floor-to-ceiling windows stream natural light.

The rooms continue this textured, thematic thread but occasionally take on a more neutral palette, donning mismatched or grey wood panels and pewter blue throws. Nature is the narrative for the 1 Hotel brand, so we have decided to highlight the 10 best eco-friendly details from this blossoming Manhattan haunt.


The 1 Hotel Central Park’s exterior — Photo courtesy of 1 Hotels

Ivy facade

Covering the hotel’s first three floors, the AgroSci’s living English Ivy wall took approximately three weeks to install and contains 24,000 total plants. This semi-evergreen species holds their leaves through most winters, ensuring a bit of neighborhood green during the harsher snowy months.

The wall is monitored by a computer system, which cues AgroSci when the plants’ moisture levels lower. AgroSci, in turn, waters the plants as needed.

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