Simply Southern Tees

We have these charming T-shirts in adult and youth sizes!


We carry a couple of great lines of hats of all shapes and sizes for both men and women. Crocs which have a nice line of men’s styles from boat to casual. Vera Bradley, beach cover-ups, Switchflops flip flops and more are all displayed nicely in the “air conditioned” gift shop.


Vera Bradley

Stop in and see our Vera Bradley “in-store” store. Our selection is one of the most extensive in the Washington area. We love being a Vera Bradley retailer-partner – our customers do too!



Although Crocs™ Shoes are available all over the world, for folks in southern Anne Arundel County, it seemed like you had to travel really far to get a pair or two. We listened to our customer’s requests to carry Crocs™ Shoes and started carrying the line in the summer of 2006. By the end of the first week, there was hardly a sole in sight! Kids, “tweeners”, teens, college students, moms, dads, workers, grandparents, and families love coming to our place for their Crocs™ Shoes. Our selection and our inventory are extensive as we regularly receive the latest styles and sizes. These shoes are both functional and fashionable at the same time – you gotta love ‘em!


New to our spring/summer collection are MaryJane, Otter, Malinda, Santa Cruz, Sassari, Canvas Capri, Adara, Cleo, Yukon.


What started out as a boating / outdoor shoe, quickly became a bonafide phenomenon; an all-purpose shoe for comfort and fashion. They are lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, and moderately priced so everyone in the family can wear them. Folks of all ages, occupations, hobbies, and lifestyles can always find a pair to suit their needs or pleasures. And how about the color selection? Whether you are matching an outfit or wanting to stay with a traditional solid, you can find just about any color on the palette.


Crocs™ Shoes e-x-p-a-n-ding product line now includes bracelets, backpacks, and clothing. And no Crocs™ Shoe product is complete without Jibbitz™ Shoe Charms decorations. These snap-on charms can change with the season. Today, there are over 1100 Jibbitz™ Shoe Charms designs and we carry thousands of them. Gee, I wonder what Crocs™ Shoes will come up with next.





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