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Basic Rose Care


Defuse the mystique of growing beautiful roses. With our checklist, you can give your roses the royal treatment—and be rewarded with buckets of blooms.
The first summer after planting, your main focus will be watering, fertilizing, and removing dead flowers.

Roses need an inch of water a week—through rainfall or irrigation—for steady growth. It’s a good idea also to give your roses a deep watering once a week using a 5-gallon bucket. Gently pour the water around the plant, pouring slowly so water soaks into soil. Replace any mulch that washes away.

Roses are heavy feeders—it takes good nutrition to produce all those blooms. If you mixed Coast of Maine Bumper Crop Organic Soil Builder into the planting hole, your rose has a natural supply of slow-release fertilizer that will carry it through the initial few weeks of growth.
After the first flush of flowers, fertilize your rose using. Scratch this gently into the soil around the rose. Fertilize again in midsummer.

Remove dead flowers
Check roses twice a week for spent blooms. Remove these (a process called deadheading) using hand pruners by cutting just below the flower bud, right above the first leaflet. This part of the stem is thin enough that you can probably snap it in your fingers, but you want a clean break to avoid disease. By removing spent flowers, the plant musters the energy to bloom again in its effort to set seed and continue the species.

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