The beauty of a garden can be found in layers of sights, sounds, textures, movement, and scents. And one of the most stunning elements that you can add to your garden is the flash of feathers and the sound of singing.


Whether you choose to foster a bird-friendly environment in your yard by planting seed-bearing perennials, shrubs and trees, providing bird houses or feeders, or with a simple birdbath, we are here to help.


Our songbirds fall into two basic groups. Some are year-round residents who remain in the neighborhood knowing that an ample supply of natural seed stocks will be available throughout the winter. The others are northern visitors who come south each winter, seeking more dependable food supplies. Then there are the “passers by” – birds that pass through on their migratory route, headed further north or south.


Like you, birds are warm-blooded animals and they must maintain their body temperatures. Feathers provide important insulation. Communal roosting spots provide some species “collective warmth” at night. Black-capped Chickadees enter a form of semi-hibernation, reducing heartbeat, respirations, and body temperature on the coldest of nights. Overall, it is a healthy metabolism, fueled by ready food supplies, that keeps your songbirds alive in the winter.


Wild birds can recognize dependable supplies of nutrition and will make your feeders a daily stop as they forage through the neighborhood. Keep a winter table set for them and they will provide hours of enjoyment. But they are not dependent on you once you begin feeding. If you miss the opportunity to fill the feeders for a day or two, the birds will adjust and substitute other sources until you can re-stock. The opposite can also occur. Occasionally, the native food sources can become unavailable to your birds after heavy snowfalls or ice storms. In these circumstances they will need your feeders to survive. When winter is at its worst, make sure your feeders are stocked.


We offer premium food for a variety of your feathered friends. Our selection of Aspen Song Wild Bird seed includes Premium Blend, Ultimate Blend, and Choice Blend…none of which contain any grain fillers, just nuts and seeds.


And just like birds, feeders come in all sizes, shapes and kinds. We stock feeders for all birds and bird food: Tube, hopper, hummingbird, suet, and more to keep your feathered friends well-fed, year-round.


What kind of host would you be if you didn’t offer only the finest in lodging? Wait till you see all the bird houses we carry. Folks love the rustic cedar houses. For those picky bluebirds, we have the house to suit their tastes. Other choices are quirky, a house made from recycled watering cans, a Williamsburg pottery wren abode, or a downright fancy bird mansion (maybe better for your living room than the backyard!). My favorite is the Cedar Wren/Chickadee House.


And what garden couldn’t use a bird bath as a focal point? Select from cement, stone, or ceramic….we have a bird bath to suit any style. Having the correct feeder and accessories will help attract birds you want to have visit as well as deter squirrels and other predators. Ask us for ideas –we have an extensive selection of birding products for your backyard friends so visit us soon.


At Greenstreet Gardens, we ♥ birds.




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