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brēth™- The plant-based air purifie

When was the last time you thought about the air you’re breathing?

Maybe you’ve heard the statistic that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. We either spend our time in traffic, at the office, or at home with almost no quality time breathing the air nature has provided.

So what are we breathing?

We could be inhaling bacteria from tacky 80’s wallpaper hidden under layers and layers of more paint. Fake wood in your cubicle is probably feeding you toxins right under your nose.  Someone will inevitably come in with last night’s leftovers and smell up the office, but what’s even worse, is that 80% of the office air we breathe contains mostly dead skin cells. Ew!

Feeling disgusted? Well, there’s a solution. brēth.

It is time for a breath of fresh air with the latest advancement in air purification technology. Instead of a clunky, ugly air purifier, we’ve designed a beautiful product that utilizes the natural air filtering processes found within houseplants and boosts their potential. With brēth, your plants actively clean the air around you without any additional maintenance.

The technology is pretty simple. brēth actively feeds the plants all of the toxins and carbon dioxide in the air around it. The plants then use this as fertilizer to grow stronger. These health-giving plants only need light from the UV lamp above, and water to create filtered, fresh, and clean air.

Packed with the power of almost 200 houseplants, brēth gives you an open window of fresh air wherever you are. brēth will completely clean the air in the average cubicle every 10 hours.

Studies have shown that being around plants makes you happier, more productive, and relieves stress. And, according to a study done by Texas A&M, potted plants and flowers around your workspace substantially increase your creativity and problem-solving skills.  If that isn’t enough, researchers at Exeter University, UK discovered that indoor plants can also improve memory retention by up to 20%. Read More


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