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In the dirt, grow it, eat it


Know your food. Locally grown. Locally sourced.


By Ray Greenstreet
Know your food. Locally grown. Locally sourced. Those catch phrases are everywhere –on our Facebook news feed, on magazine covers, on television and radio talk shows. Best-selling books on the topic have made authors household names, like Michael Pollen and Barbara Kingsolver. And across the country, restaurants are building their menus around these “locally sourced” and “organic” ingredients.


The “local food” movement isn’t fading – to the contrary, it’s growing. After decades of accepting factory produced food as the norm, many of us now are choosing to feed our families food that has been produced locally. Not only do we know where it came from, we know it’s fresh. Like what we find at farmer’s markets. It’s taught us the joy of eating seasonally. And reminding us of how a tomato should taste.


As a “home-grown” devotee – I’ve been growing market ready plants in our Lothian greenhouses for 15 years – I am delighted that our customers are asking for, and expecting us to deliver more and more locally-produced products. All three garden centers will be stocked with our home-grown perennials, annuals, vegetables and herbs– along with more than 185 varieties of tomatoes for our tomato festival. At Greenstreet Gardens, “local” is not limited to plants – ornamental or edible. We are proud to offer handcrafted pieces by local artists and made-in-the-USA products in our gift shops. Read More



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