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Greenstreet Greenwalls Designs & Installs Second Largest Air-Purifying Greenwall In The Country

Wilson GreenWall 2

Lothian, MD (May 16, 2017) Greenstreet GreenWalls, a division of Greenstreet Growers, designs and installs the second largest active living green wall in the country.

It is a total of 780 sq. ft. and measures 66 feet wide and from 5 feet 4 inches high at its lowest point and 19 feet high at its highest point. This green wall is not only aesthetically pleasing but it purifies the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Towers are owned and operated by Monday Properties, a leading national real estate investment firm, which is where the green wall is located. “Monday Properties has a proud history of setting the bar in the industry when it comes to improving the lifestyle and comfort of our tenants,” said Tim Helmig, a Managing Partner at Monday Properties. “Implementing innovative and original solutions to elevate the tenant experience has allowed Monday’s buildings to stay ahead of the curve. In this instance, the green wall is a perfect complement to our ongoing commitment to sustainable design with our LEED Gold certification.”


Ray Greenstreet, owner of Greenstreet GreenWalls said “A living wall brings nature inside for a cleaner, healthier and more welcoming space. Green walls are the green way to purify indoor air.”

The Greenstreet GreenWall uses AgroSci’s U.S. patented Aerogation™ system, which magnifies the natural cleaning power of plants 200 times more than any system not using Aerogation™ technology. Aerogation™ works by drawing air into the plants’ root zone where a natural process called phytoremediation turns impurities into fresh oxygen. AgroSci CEO Chris Pianta said, “We greatly appreciate Monday Properties’ decision to choose our product. Our unique Aerogation™ technology will naturally cleanse toxins, impurities and allergens from the building’s air without filters or sequestration.”


The proprietary technology, unique to the industry, gives Wilson Blvd’s 2,663-plant green wall the air-purifying capacity of 888 cu. ft. of air per minute, 53,260 cu. ft. of air per hour, and 1,278,240 cu. ft. of air per day.

Other green walls completed by Greenstreet GreenWalls include the Gunther & Co. restaurant in Baltimore, MD, Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD, CR Goodman Associates in Annapolis, MD, Quarry Springs Condominiums in Potomac, MD, and the Perkins Eastman D.C. offices at Thomas Circle.

For more information on Greenstreet GreenWalls, visit www.greenstreetgreenwalls.com.

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