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To Design or Not To Design

To design, or not to design, that is the question. Here at Greenstreet Gardens, we believe design is essential to any landscape.  Winter is the ideal time to start designing and planning, so installation can start as soon as spring hits. Thankfully, designer Jessica Furness is here to deliver exactly what you need. Before arriving at Greenstreet three years ago, Furness received her degree in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University and then proceeded to work for The Brickman Companies for over 5 years. She has earned special certifications as an ICPI Concrete Paver Installer and as a Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturist, plus Furness continues to educate herself with many relevant subject matters such as rain gardens, hardscapes and more. So why does she push design plans for her landscape customers? “It’s important to create the perfect recipe, or a paint-by-number of sorts, for your landscape. I love to incorporate an assortment of shrubs and perennials into my designs, because it adds a splash of color to any home, but I also make sure to choose plants that will be effective for the gardener and garden.” Furness not only helps the landscape crew at Greenstreet with valuable layouts and designs for their clients, but she also offers design plans for customers so they have guidelines on how and where to plant. Furness explains, “a lot of homeowners tend to overfill and stuff their landscape when installing their plants, but one has to remember that plants need time to grow and expand, so if you plant too close together, the less successful your plants will be over time. Designs really help with planning for the future. Greenstreet Landscape Director Josh Mueller couldn’t agree more; “every landscape that starts from a design is ten times more successful than others.” Having grown up in the landscape industry along with continuing his education at the University of Maryland, Mueller has always been focused on creating thriving terrains for his customers. At Greenstreet, Mueller hopes to become the local go-to landscape company. “We’re driven to maintain positive customer relations through every step of the landscape process from start to finish.” One of the conveniences about Greenstreet’s team is that almost all their plants and supplies come straight from the garden center. As Furness explains, “customers can easily come into any of our retail stores and pick out which plants they want, and in turn, we can install or incorporate those plants in our designs. In addition, we also have all the resources needed for our jobs, so we don’t have to wait for supplies to come in. We can usually get a project completed from start to finish in about two to three weeks.” Getting started on your yard projects may seem daunting, but with the help of a designer and a landscape team, the process is much less overwhelming, and dare we say fun! With Josh Mueller at the helm of Greenstreet’s Landscape team, and Jessica Furness powering the ship with her design work, customers are guaranteed a success. They’re ready to take on any customized project, whether it’s a pet-friendly design, pavers and retaining walls, or a native garden.


Landscape Designer Jessica Furness



Landscape Director Josh Mueller working with his team










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