Trees & Shrubs


Trees and shrubs are the bones of a landscape. They define a space, create privacy, and anchor your property. They are both utilitarian and stylistic, providing practical beauty while adding value to your property – for both you and the local wildlife.


There is a wide range of trees and shrubs to choose from. Some will grow huge canopies to shade an entire yard, while others will be small sentries to frame windows or entranceways. A lone tree will make a statement and dense groves will create a green oasis. Shrubs provide food and cover for wildlife, some will flower, some will berry, some will grow huge, others will creep along at ground level snuffing out weeds. So many choices!


We offer a fantastic selection of natives that are well-suited for this region and need very little care, thriving pretty much on their own.


Come in and talk to our experts about which trees and shrubs are best for you.



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