Water Gardening


Have you dabbled in water gardening yet? Don’t be intimidated because it’s much easier than you think!


A water feature brings life into a garden…the glint of the sun on the ripples of the surface, the flash of movement in the depths as the fish dart between aquatic plants, and the hum of dragonflies as they gently alight on the water. There are so many ways to introduce a water garden into a yard of any size, from a full-sized pond to a container on the deck.


Come in and talk to our water gardening specialists who can help you to determine your specific needs when it comes to plants and fish. We can help you turn you into a water gardening pro!

Plants & Placement
Your water garden location should be placed where it will receive 4 to 6 hours of sun each day. A little afternoon shade can help reduce water temperature fluctuations. Place the pond where you’ll enjoy it most. You’ll need to replenish the water level on occasion (due to evaporation), so placing the pond near a water source will simplify that task. Water gardens should include several different types of plants to enhance a pond’s beauty and health. You’ll find each of the different types of water garden plants at Greenstreet Gardens. + Click here to learn more about plants and placement.


Aquatic Fish
Decide what types of fish you would like for your pond, add living, darting color to your water garden with fish. At Greenstreet Gardens, you’ll find several kinds of fish, each guaranteed to dress your pond with lively hues. Goldfish are social creatures. Stock your pond with groups of six. + Click here to learn more about the different types of recommended aquatic fish for your water garden.


Attracting Frogs
Attracting frogs to your pond can be fairly simple. Place native underwater plants around the edge to provide cover for adults and emerging tadpoles. + Click here to learn more about attracting frogs to your pond.



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