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What’s Bloomin’ | Hamamelis

What’s Blooming Now


Witch hazel


Even in a deep freeze Mother Nature is stirring, with signs of spring appearing in our landscape.


Hellebores, commonly referred to as Lenten or Christmas Rose, are dependable winter bloomers. This hardy, low-growing perennial is easy to incorporate into landscape beds. Their tough, dark green leaves are a lovely contrast to the soft whites, pink and mauves of the flowers.


Witch hazel (Hamamelis) is just about ready to unleash its winter flowers. These native small trees – they grow to 6 to 10 feet – thrive at the edge of woodlands where they provide the first burst of spring color. The clusters of yellow, orange and rust fringe-like flowers are in their prime towards the end of February and into early March.


Take a close look at spring-blooming camellias (Camellia japonica) and you’ll see branches full of buds beginning to swell. It won’t be long before these classic beauties are covered with their signature showy flowers in colors ranging from snow white to pale pink to dark pink & even coral. Camellias are evergreen – they hold their dark green leaves all year – and can grow to over 6 feet. Most varieties prefer shade over sun, although some selections tolerate our Maryland sun.


A couple of days with warm sunshine will coax the earliest spring flowering bulbs out of the ground. Snowdrops and crocus are the first to bloom, often popping up through the snow, a promise that spring is on its way.








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