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What’s Bloomin’ — Camellias

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Winter’s chill brings out the flowers of camellias.


These lovely evergreen shrubs bloom in late fall/early winter, or early spring, depending on the variety.  They are fairly slow growers, reaching an average size of 6 feet, although some grow larger.  Camellias will fry in hot afternoon sun, so plant them  in a shady spot shielded from wind. They do best in rich, well-drained soil.



If you want flowers in November and December, choose a Camellia sasanqua, like ‘Yuletide.”  It’s abundant deep red flowers are perfect for holiday color in your garden. Camellia japonica varieties bloom in early spring, like ‘Pink Perfection’ with its huge perfectly pink blossoms.


These old-fashioned beauties have a place in just about any garden with enough room for them to grow without crowding.

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